Kiki & Michail's romantic wedding in Argyll's hidden gem

Kiki and Michail, both originally from Greece have decided to get married in the Scotland after having an emotional moment while expressing their love at one of the Scotland’s many lochs.

Their dream was to have an romantic wedding in Scotland as they completely fell in love with it on one of their visits to Edinburgh where funnily their best man lived at the time.

They were passing next to the St.Conan’s Kirk one lazy summer afternoon and were in awe by its beauty ; a unique example of every style of church architecture located on the shore of Loch Awe and offering magnificent view of the lake. And that’s where the crucial moment happened; surrounded by the nature and with a strong sense of peace and inherent spirituality Michail proposed to Kiki.

About a year later we were there, witnessing their family and friends reunions, coming all the way from Greece and other parts of the world and experiencing on our own the beauty of Loch Awe and st.Conan’s Kirk.

From the early morning excitement and very laidback bride, wandering through the hotel with a coffee in hand and a big smile on her face while Monica was doing her make up and hair, we were thinking to ourselves “ How grateful we are “.

Ceremony itself was so special with the mix of traditional Scottish elements like ‘’drinking from a common cup’’ and exchanging the wreath which is very common at orthodox Greek weddings. So many things were happening and the air was filled with joy and happines. 

The memories of the rest of the day are a bit foggy as every moment was bursting with the emotions. Kiki was like a swan in her gorgeous gown and the most beautiful wedding shoes we’ve ever seen. And the way she was moving in them, wow! 

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