Wondering who's behind L&L Photography?

We’re your eccentric duo, kindred spirits and we've made our mission to bring YOUR ideas to life and capture emotions while helping you to create precious memories.

With over 7 years of experience we capture weddings, couple sessions & creative portrait sessions.
We are Lina & Lora, real life couple and photographer duo. We have met back in 2015 and since then our passion for photography just grew bigger and bigger! 

''Taking a picture is like giving a piece of your soul away. You allow other people to see the world through your eyes."

- Katja Michael

Dreamy, moody, shadowy, gloomy but glowy.

We’re approaching every wedding or elopement as the story ready to be unwrapped, in which the main characters are our muse and inspiration all in one! 

We strongly believe in the art of storytelling combined with the sincere emotions while experiencing your day with you.

We wanna give you an opportunity to look back to those images and be able to live up the whole day all over again, we want you to smell the green green grass again and feel those raindrops on your skin and tears of joy on your cheeks again. 

We don’t believe in staged or posed photos, we want your love to be the guideline for our art.

We are hopeless dreamers and creatives and that’s why your photos are gonna be nostalgic and fairytale like with our signature moody ambience.

After all, Tim Burton, castles and forests are our endless inspiration.

You don’t need to worry about being awkward or shy, everyone is beautiful and we’re here to help you see that and believe in yourself.



“We have had the pleasure of being photographed by L&L 3 times now, most importantly for our wedding. They are incredible!They made us feel so at ease for our couples photoshoot and made it such a fun experience, showing us around some amazing places in Edinburgh while taking great quality photos.
They made our wedding the most magical experience, both girls took so many photos and knew exactly how and what to capture without us even noticing. The final edits were superb like something from a dream. "”